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Almond is a studio of two based in Auckland, doing insanely big things. Alex, our technical director, and Monica, our creative director, have both worked internationally from London to Berlin on clients like Apple, Universal, Moby, Jo Malone and the BBC. Now they’ve joined forces to make special things for awesome clients. They’re good at what they do and are also radically honest. That means they’re open, ready to be vulnerable and don’t hold with bullshit. And they’re nice. Really nice, which is good, being hard to work with serves no one. Their goal? To exceed expectations – yours and theirs. Those are some high standards to live up to, which is why Harvey, their pug, and highly valued team member, keeps them humble with a weekly grumble – that’s many, many pugs zooming around in circles and making their humans laugh.
Almond 是位於奧克蘭的兩個工作室,做著瘋狂的大事。我們的技術總監 Alex 和我們的創意總監 Monica 都曾在倫敦和柏林為 Apple、Universal、Moby、Jo Malone 和 BBC 等客戶服務。 現在他們已經聯手為優秀的客戶製作特別的東西。他們擅長自己的工作,而且非常誠實。這意味著他們是開放的,準備好變得脆弱,不要胡說八道。他們很好。真的很好,這很好,很難與任何人一起工作。 他們的目標?超越期望——您和他們的。這些都是要達到的高標準,這就是為什麼哈維,他們的哈維狗和高度重視的團隊成員,每週都會抱怨讓他們保持謙虛 - 那是很多很多哈維狗在圈子裡飛來飛去,讓他們的人類發笑。