No-Code Cheat Sheet

If you are entering the no-code space today, it can be extremely overwhelming. There are countless tools that look and feel like they're solving the same problem and catering to the same audience so it gets frustrating to navigate without the help of a guide. This can discourage new makers/founders and turn them away from no-code. My intention is to help them with this simple practical (yet imperfect) guide. This is a starting point but not to be assumed as an all-encompassing wiki. It's just a cheat sheet.
But who am I? I'm KP, a no-code maker and community builder building products in public since Oct 2018. I've built and shipped 8 no-code products so far which include ideas like Cuppa, LetterDrop and Build In Public. I now run the On Deck No-Code Fellowship. Based on my personal experience and conversations with other prolific makers, here are some platforms and tools you must know: