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PMA is a design and technology agency based in Buenos Aires working worldwide. Founded 9 years ago, the agency is full-service covering branding, design, development, and execution. PMA relies on a team of professional business consultants, strategists, risk managers, cybersecurity analysts, designers, developers, marketers, and communicators, which have the goal of helping our clients achieve sustainable growth while lowering costs. We offer tailored services for product design and development, branding business consulting, regulatory compliance, process optimization, risk management advice, cybersecurity, data analytics, internal audit, fraud prevention and detection, and business professionalization.
PMA 是一家設在布宜諾斯艾利斯的設計和技術機構,在全球開展業務。該機構成立於 9 年前,提供涵蓋品牌、設計、開發和執行的全方位服務。 PMA 依靠專業的商業顧問、戰略家、風險經理、網絡安全分析師、設計師、開發人員、營銷人員和傳播者組成的團隊,其目標是幫助我們的客戶在降低成本的同時實現可持續增長。 我們為產品設計和開發、品牌業務諮詢、監管合規、流程優化、風險管理建議、網絡安全、數據分析、內部審計、欺詐預防和檢測以及業務專業化提供量身定制的服務。