Q What do you do?

“Hi! I’m Sandy, a copywriter and brand strategist based in New York.”

Over the past few years, I’ve worked at traditional advertising agencies, in-house at DTC brands, and branding agencies that worked with start-ups. At all of these jobs, I did slightly different things. In advertising, I came up with campaigns with an art director and wrote scripts. When I was in-house, I wrote copy for product launches, emails, social media, websites, and packaging. And at branding agencies, I did copy from a more strategic lens and worked on the tone of voice, messaging, naming, brand copywriting, and UX copy.
Even though I loved it all, I now focus on the branding and digital side of things. I do strategy and copywriting for brands who want to figure out who they should talk to and how they should talk about it. I also help brands write their website copy, which is always fun because you see the messaging and tone of voice work come to life on their website! It also involves a lot of UX thinking because you need to think of the structure of the page and how the copy is going to live on it––this is all content design!
Or as I like to tell my 11 year old sister who always asks me what I do: I figure out what kind of words I need to write and then I write them.
And on the side, I’m also a content creator. I work with a range of lifestyle, beauty, and home brands and make content on Instagram and TikTok. I also love sharing travel recommendations and tips on quitting your job!
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Q What steps did you take to get to where you are now?

I studied advertising and copywriting in college and then after graduating, I had an internship in New York City. That turned into a full-time job and it just went from there! I worked at big agencies like Y&R and McCann on well-known clients but I wanted to try something new, so I worked in-house at Thinx, the period underwear company. I really got to learn what it’s like to work for a DTC brand that focused on sustainability and innovative technology. And then I worked at Red Antler, which was so exciting because I got to work on these super new companies that didn’t exist in the world yet.

Q How do you stand out in your field?

My experience across a range of industries helped me stand out. A lot of the time, clients tell me that my experience in both advertising and branding is exactly what they were looking for. And my experience as a content creator also helps me stand out in my field. Not only do I know how to talk about a product, but I also know how to tie it back to influencer marketing. And as a first-generation Salvadoran-American, I have a unique experience that helps me deeply understand the culture and the world around me.

Q What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on compiling a Mexico City travel guide! I spent 4 months over there last year and have had friends and followers ask me for a city guide. I’ve been compiling all the film photos that I took during my time there and putting together all of my favorite spots. I’m hoping to launch that soon. I’m also working on launching my creative studio, Sticky! It will most likely be live by the time you see this. And aside from that, I’m continuing to work with clients on freelance projects, brand collaborations, and my day-to-day social media content. I’m currently working on a Web3 platform, a skincare brand, and a Latinx cooking brand, so there’s a little bit of everything going on!

Q What’s your style?

I think style depends on what the product is. For example, the tone of voice will be different for a sunglasses brand versus a healthcare platform. But one thing that I do love to do is always showing things in the shortest, most clever way possible and asking myself “what’s a new way to say this?” I think one project that did this really well was Ourself, a new skincare line that used a never-before-seen technology. There are SO many skincare brands out there, but this one did a great job standing out. We used language that felt fresh and tapped into what people were feeling in regard to their skin. It felt welcoming and I think all good copy should be able to do that, no matter what the subject matter is.

Q Out of all your slashies, which one do you wish you could do more often?

To be honest, I hate working at a computer, so I’d love to focus more on skills that are more hands-on. I love shooting content and I’d like to do that on a larger scale for brands and explore the production side of things more. I also love traveling and think it would be so much fun to location scout for shoots. I love hosting events as well.

Q What is frustrating you right now?

Figuring out my insurance thing! Now that I’m a freelancer, that’s one thing that I’ve been pushing off. I just need to set a day to do it. Knocking on wood that I don’t break a bone. And also finding an accountant. If you have any recommendations, please slide into my DMs.

Q If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

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Wash, fold, and put away my laundry. I love cleaning and keeping my space nice and tidy but doing laundry is the one task I can't get behind. But if we’re talking business-related, I’d love to have someone deal with the logistics, like setting up my insurance and doing my taxes.
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Q What do you wish you could have told yourself, when, and why?

I would tell 22-year-old me that everything is going to work out! Sometimes when we’re barely starting off, the idea of working for yourself one day seems daunting. But in reality, when you meet amazing people, learn new skills, and have more confidence in yourself, you can make anything happen. And don't feel bad about quitting a job! Better things always come.

Q If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about?

I’m obsessed with design and nature, so I’d love to talk to an architect like Javier Senosiain who was one of the first people to design organic architecture in Mexico. And Isamu Noguchi, who brought sculpture and nature together. I’m also obsessed with space, so it’d be awesome to talk to an astrophysicist.

Q What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for?

I’m looking to work on branding and digital projects for brands that are either looking for a revamp or are launching for the first time. I’m here to help figure out the tone of voice, messaging, copy, and how that all comes to life across all touchpoints. I also would love to do social media consulting for brands.

Q Describe your ideal job/client/collaboration.

I want to create beautiful experiences, whether that’s digitally or IRL. I work with founders and brands who keep community, sustainability, technology, and mindfulness at the core of what they do. Bonus points if you’re building in the Web3 space. So ideally, I’d love to work on a project that brings together all of that.

Q: What is your rate?

For brand strategy, copywriting, and digital copy, my packages range from $5,000 to $15,000. It ultimately depends on the complexity of the project, how many pages need to be done, when the work needs to be done, and many other factors. I also work on an hourly basis for smaller projects or for consulting services. Please reach out to me with details on your project for a more accurate rate.

Q How should someone approach you about working together?

Send me an email with details on your project, budget, and timeline, and then we can see if it works out and go from there!
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Q Oh! and… how do you stay creative?

Sitting at a coffee shop and people watching.